SAND ROOM (Voiceless ovation)

2022.2.5(Sat.) - 2022.2.13(Sun.) / Moto-eigakan


約30年前に閉館した映画館にて、展覧会『砂の部屋(Voiceless ovation)』を開催します。


砂の部屋は井手尾雪(Yuki Ideo)によるアートプロジェクトで、2016年に東京・渋谷区にある四畳半の部屋に200キロの砂を敷いて暮らし始めたことからはじまりました。現在は砂を敷いたインスタレーションを発表しており、2019年には渋谷で1トンの砂を敷いた展覧会を開催しました。




- インフォメーション -

会場 | 元映画館(東京都荒川区東日暮里3丁目31-18 旭ビル2F)

 * JR常磐線三河島駅より徒歩5分 / JR山手線 日暮里駅より徒歩15分

会期 | 2022年2月5日(土)〜2月13日(日)

開催時間 | 13:00〜19:00

入場料 | 無料

主催 | 砂の部屋・株式会社BACK HILL

- プロフィール -

井手尾雪(Yuki Ideo)
アーティスト / 株式会社BACK HILL 代表取締役

また、自身の制作プロセスを可視化させることをライフワークとしており、その過程で培った経験を活かし、人々が思考や想像/創造をするためのツールキットやワークショップの開発を行う。現在では企業向けの研修などを手がけ、2016年に株式会社BACK HILLを立ち上げる。

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The exhibition “Sand room (Voiceless ovation)” will be held in an movie theater that was closed about 30 years ago.


"Sand Room" is the art project by Yuki Ideo. It began when she started living in a room covered with 200 kilograms of sand in 2016. Since then, she has been presenting sand installation artworks, and in 2019, she held an exhibition in Tokyo with one ton of sand.


This time, she will cover with the sand in a venue called "Moto-eigakan (which means “Former Movie Theater" in Japanese), which was created by renovating a movie theater called “Nippori Kinbikan” that was closed in 1991. Through the tools for flowing sand created for this exhibition, visitors can see the scenery of sand flowing in the space that used to be a movie theater.


In addition to the installation, models, notebooks, and reference books used in the creation of this work will also be on display. By exhibiting the process of thinking and practice in the creation of this work, we will consider how to create "somewhere other than here".

Exhibition period | 2022.2.5(Sat.) - 2022.2.13(Sun.)

Opening hours | 13:00~19:00

Venue | Moto-eigakan

Address | 3-31-18 Higashi-nippori, Arakawa-ku, TOKYO

Organized by | SAND ROOM / BACK HILL, Inc.


Yuki Ideo
Artist / BACK HILL Inc. CEO 
In November 2016, she began living in a room with 200 kilograms of sand in Tokyo, JAPAN. And in 2019, she hold an exhibition with one ton of sand in Tokyo. After dropping out of Tama Art University (JAPAN), she completed the foundation course at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.
She has also made it her life's work to visualize her own creative process, and uses the experience she has gained in this process to develop toolkits and workshops to help people think and imagine/creative. She is currently involved in training for companies and launched BACK HILL Inc. in 2016.

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